October 28th, 2010

Summer Winery Notes 2011


WINERY NOTES                                  SUMMER 2011

Jarvis is now certified "Green"

Dear Wine Friends

    Green has not yet replaced red or white as the most important color in deciding which wines to buy, but our wine friends have started to think about the color green. Words like biodynamic, natural and sustainable are increasingly resonating with consumers, not just because they are only concerned about health and the enviroment, but because they believe these green methods make better wine.

     It is logical to look for producers who make wine with as little technological intervention as possible. In the vineyard they avoid chemical pesticides and herbicides, plow the fields and pick by hand. They don't add sugar to increase the alcohol content or add enzymes or acid to make up for what's lacking, they use as little sulfur dioxide as possible as a stabilizer and shun the high-tech tools of modern winemaking that essentially give more control to winemakers when nature's course is not to their liking.

   It is also best to be certified by an outside agency. We worked hard to obtain the right to use this neat Green logo. The Jarvis program is administered by the California Land Stewardship Institute. We have the right to use the logos of both "Napa Green Certified" and "Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification". (Both shown at right) Overall our certification program took nearly a year. In this time all the vineyards, roads, creeks, streams and reservoirs were carefully mapped and inspected. Our vineyard practices such as spraying, frost protection, cover crops, tractor work, chemical storage, etc. were also scrutinized to make sure we are not using too much water or harmful chemicals. 

               See below for marriage proposals and new releases!


Wedding Proposals abound at Jarvis!



Weddings aren't always allowed in Napa wineries, but engagements? They are fine if they don't involve a party. Last Sunday's engagement makes the fourth one this year at Jarvis, at least the fourth one that we are aware
of. The Jarvis cave environment seems just right for men to "pop the question" during a tour of the winery.The latest couple chose the waterfall as an attractive site for the proposal. The men come prepared, with their engagement rings, ready if she says yes. And luckily so far - they've all said YES!

Tyler and Melissa, both from Florida, got engaged while visiting Jarvis in October 2010. They posed outside of the winery just after Melissa said "yes"!

Congratulations to Tyler and Melissa Jarvis (same name as the winery!) who are now married. What a cute couple. Much happiness to all of these couples .


New Releases!

Jarvis Lake William 2007
Follows the 2006 vintage which was the Winning Wine from World Tasting, October 2010

The 2007 Lake William, follows in the footsteps of the 2006 Lake William, the winner of the famous World Tasting Event. Surely the 2007 with its sensational mouth feel could also win such an event. Those of you that missed out on the 2006 winning vintage due to its short sales life can now fully enjoy its replacement on our wine list.
$115 - 750ml Bottle


Jarvis Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Cabernet_Sauvignon_Reserve_2005.jpg This is the latest in a series of outstanding Reserve Cabernet Sauvignons from Jarvis. Our wine Consultant Dimitri Tchelistcheff and Winemaker Ted Henry designate a wine as "Reserve" only when there is an exceptional harvest. We are most fortunate to have several outstanding harvests in a row! This 2005 vintage is a wine of amazing style and elegance and meets their criterion as a Reserve. This wine has gone through extended aging and released when our winemaker felt it was ready for you and your friends to enjoy.
$195 - 750ml Bottle




Inner Circle members can still get tickets for the Emerald Masquerade Ball
on October 8th, 2011 from 6:00 - 11:00 pm. It will be a magical masked evening in our candlelit winery cave with dining, dancing and entertainment.
Black tie with an emerald theme optional. Inner Circle members and guests may purchase tickets by calling 1-800-255-5280 ext. 155 or at visiting www.jarviswines.com.

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