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September 15th, 2012
Autumn 2012 Winery Notes


Website Redesign and new Inner Circle perks

Dear Wine Friends,

Soon you will be able to see and use our redesigned website that will be launching this fall. Along with the new design will be important new Inner Circle membership perks. Since our wine is in short supply our product line pricing will no longer be open to the general public but can be accessed on our website exclusively by Inner Circle members. We will make it an easy experience for the Inner Circle to continue to have access to Jarvis wine through the website.

April 15th, 2012
Spring 2012 Winery Notes


This year's Harvest Celebration
Includes "Wine Futures"!

There is something our winery has always been missing and that is the opportunity to purchase "wine futures" which is so popular in the Bordeaux wine market.

After many requests over the years we have now come up with just such a program that permits our Inner Circle members, once a year, to do a barrel tasting and select "wine futures" for purchase!

February 15th, 2012
Winter Winery Notes 2012

Dear Wine Friends:

Happy New Year of the Dragon, a time the Chinese calendar tells us is marked by good fortune. Those born under this sign are said to be innovative and passionate in all their endeavors.

At Jarvis, this new year portends to be one of good fortune. Over the next few months, we will be playing an integral role in what is perhaps the country's premier wine event, Auction Napa Valley.

On June 1, some 2,000 people will converge on Jarvis Estate for the Barrel Tasting and Auction, a curtain-raiser for the weekend's festivities showcasing the great food and wine that defines this valley. On Saturday June 2, the main auction will move to Meadowood in St. Helena. What you will find if you visit Jarvis for the event is a winery transformed. Massive billowy canopies will be erected in the meadow heading up to the cave where some of the region's most renowned chefs will offer tastes of their signature creations.

December 28th, 2010
Jarvis Holiday 2011 Winery Notes


Jarvis Masquerade Ball livens the Harvest!

Dear Wine Friends,
I wish our harvest itself had been as good as our Harvest Ball this year. But the Ball was almost good enough to compensate for a small harvest! Here are some action pictures to show you what I mean.

It is November and time to prepare for the Holidays - that means getting in some good wine for your special dinners and ordering wine presents for those special people in your life. My wife and I always give our wine presents in November so our friends will have wine for their holidays. Here are some gift ideas that would be remembered a long time.

October 28th, 2010
Summer Winery Notes 2011


Jarvis is now certified "Green"

Dear Wine Friends

Green has not yet replaced red or white as the most important color in deciding which wines to buy, but our wine friends have started to think about the color green. Words like biodynamic, natural and sustainable are increasingly resonating with consumers, not just because they are only concerned about health and the enviroment, but because they believe these green methods make better wine.