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Jarvis Participating in Flavor! Napa Valley at Culinary Institute

Friday, November 22, 2013

Held at the majestic Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Flavor! Napa Valley will feature premier Napa Valley wineries from its 16 sub-appellations at this Grand Tasting. Wineries will be pouring alongside 25 of the region’s best restaurants and the evening promises to be replete with phenomenal experiences for the epicurean. Jarvis Estate will be treating guests to our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, a new release!

Our winemakers Dimitri Tchelistcheff and Ted Henry designate a wine as 'reserve' only when they feel it is extraordinary. This 2006 vintage is a wine of amazing finess and grace and meets their criterion as a Reserve. It's deep amethyst hue and a bouquet of clove and cherries are sure to intrigue you. Twenty-six months in new French Haute Futaie oak barrels adds nuances of toasty vanilla to tempt you even more.

Results of 2nd World Wine Tasting by William E. Jarvis

Results of 2nd World Wine Tasting

By William E. Jarvis

It has been three years since the first World Tasting in 2010 and we decided to replicate the tasting, but this time with a tasting panel of consumers from outside of the wine industry. The original tasting panel consisted of well-respected wine industry professionals who did a fully blind tasting.

The interesting thing is that our consumer panel, also a fully blind tasting, came up with nearly the same winners as before. Who can say that you need special training in order to have a good palate?

May 23rd, 2013
International Chardonnay Day, May 23, 2013

Jarvis Estate Featured for International Chardonnay Day 2013 - May 23, 2013

Chardonnay is the most widely planted grape varietal in the world. It is also the best selling wine in the U.S. To celebrate this hugely popular grape, May 23 was named International Chardonnay Day 2013. Jarvis Estate was pleased to be named one of the favorite Chardonnay wines to drink in honor of this day.

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