Results of 2nd World Wine Tasting by William E. Jarvis

Results of 2nd World Wine Tasting

By William E. Jarvis

It has been three years since the first World Tasting in 2010 and we decided to replicate the tasting, but this time with a tasting panel of consumers from outside of the wine industry. The original tasting panel consisted of well-respected wine industry professionals who did a fully blind tasting.


The interesting thing is that our consumer panel, also a fully blind tasting, came up with nearly the same winners as before. Who can say that you need special training in order to have a good palate?

For the Bordeaux Blend tasting, this year’s winner was the Jarvis Lake William, receiving first place scores from six out of the ten judges. This same Lake William also received first place from the 2010 professional panel. 

For this second World Tasting of Chardonnays, this year’s non-professional panel chose the Jarvis Finch Hollow as the winner, same as the professional panel three years ago.

Complete results of the new blind tastings are shown in the below tables.

Inner Circle Tasting Panel participants: Richard Armour and Brandee Woodford, Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Harper Roehm and Michelle Roehm, Kernersville, NC; Byron Rockwell and Holly Rockwell, Manhattan Beach, CA; Gary Tong and Lynn Kao, Milpitas, CA; Mark Suycott and Lisa Suycott, San Diego, CA.