Will Jarvis' Science Project

It's exciting to imagine that a young boy's science project could become a world class wine, but that's exactly what happened!  Will Jarvis, the son of William and Leticia, made wine for his 8th grade science project.  When sampled a decade later, the result was exceptional and inspired the 2007 debut vintage of this wine.  It is made from a top Cabernet Franc lot plus a small, typically 5%, blend of Merlot and always in small half size barrels so as to approximate the original Science Project.

2016 Will Jarvis' Science Project

Will Jarvis, the second-generation vintner, and son of William and Leticia Jarvis, decided to make wine for his 8th-grade science project (with special approval from his teacher, of course). Later father and son revisited the Science Project after a decade of extensive aging in the cave. Following the tasting, they were pleasantly surprised by this exceptional and complex wine. In continuing with the original science project, the 2016 Science Project is aged in 100% new French oak, small half-size barrels in keeping with Will Jarvis’ original project parameters.

Fresh and fruit forward this wine is ready for enjoyment upon release. It presents a dusty rose character upfront but on the palate the wine shows deeper notes of black cherry, blackberry and cocoa.

2016 was a stellar vintage that began early and progressed with ideal conditions that extended consistent warmth throughout the summer and enabled the fruit to mature to perfect ripeness on the vine. The yield was of moderate size but intense in concentration and quality.

2016 Will Jarvis' Science Project